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Buy HDPE Mortar Tubes OnlineStandard 2" Mortar Tube Dimensions

KG Fireworks has the best deals of bulk order mortar tubes. Check out our pricing below or or give us a call and let us know what you need. 
Our high quality High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) mortar tubes are the best tubes for firing you fireworks. Using these tubes has become the industry standard because of their ability to expand under pressure without splintering like PVC pipe. Trust in the best to ensure safe operation of your displays. Each tube is plugged with a 1.5" solid wood plug and stapled multiple times to ensure the highest quality of construction and durability.  
Not sure what tubes you need? More than likely you will need the 12" long 1.75" ID tube if you are shooting typical consumer fireworks. 
Current bulk order price (QTY 50 or more) for DR11 12" Mortars is $2.20 per tube. 
Call to place an order 218-461-0597

Buy 2" HDPE Mortar Tubes Online

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