Your Face in Lights
05/02/2012 10:19 pm
Want to add a personal touch your display this year? We've all seen mortars that explode into a smiley face, American flag, the occasional flower... But how about a display of 200 rockets that explode into huge display of...your face?  Firebox posted a product that would, for a mere $81.29, do just that.  Here's what they said:

"So how does it work? Well, all we need is your favourite profile picture. The Chinese boffins behind this miraculous invention will then identify the most distinctive parts of your face using advanced mapping software. Selecting from a ‘palette’ of over 5000 unique rockets, a fully automated manufacturing process will then decide how best to illustrate them as an explosion. It will then optimise their position in your Personalised Fireworks box, making it a convenient and portable size."

Not the best way to pyro under the radar, but a sure-fire way to "get your face out there."  The product ended up being a big April Fool's joke, but who knows.  I'd pay to see that big beautiful KG Fireworks logo in a finale...     
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