Record Setting Fireworks Display in PA
05/27/2012 04:47 pm
The Pennsylvania Pyrotechnic Artists Club is out to set a world record for the number of reports in a fireworks show in Somerset County Shells up to 16 inches will be used to set this world record.Saturday night.  If you're new to fireworks, reports are the loud "bang" you hear, often when a shell is exploding into its colorful display.  The show will feature a 10 minute finale with a record setting 1,600 reports.  The cost of the show has been estimated at around $50,000. Get ready, because its gonna be loud! The team has recommended that pets be left at home and car alarms be turned off.  For our friends in Pennsylvania, let us know when you get your YouTube videos posted.  We can't wait to see, and hear, this awesome display.
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