Minnesota Legalizing Fireworks?
08/23/2013 12:16 pm
Well,... it looks like Minnesota is taking the fight back to Gov. Mark Dayton on passing the law banning "good" consumer fireworks. C'mon, how long do they think they can prolong the inevitable? It's bound to happen at some point. Minnesotans love their fireworks just like we do here in Wisconsin. Maybe even more, being that some still drive several hours to come over here and buy their fireworks. Not only are the fireworks enthusiasts fighting for this, but many Minnesota government officials are calculating that large chunk of tax revenue they are giving to Wisconsin and the Dakotas.  In fact, the Star Tribune wrote an article this past July quoting a tweet posted by state rep Garofalo.

“Drove over to Wisconsin 2 NOT buy fireworks, NOT bring them back 2 MN, and NOT set them off in Farmington. Because Mark Dayton said so. #Not,” state Rep. Pat Garofalo tweeted last week, still fuming over the governor’s 2012 veto of a bill that would have legalized the sale of consumer fireworks in Minnesota. "In the south metro of the Twin Cities, fireworks are as illegal as breathing right now,” Garofalo joked. “Local law enforcement doesn’t enforce these laws; people think they’re dumb... The state can say what they think the law is, but in the south metro, the residents put on a better fireworks show than the city-sanctioned show.”

Enjoying the Fourth of July with fireworks that actually light up the sky is a part of that independence that we celebrate. More power to you Minnesotans!

Read the whole article on StarTribune.com http://www.startribune.com/politics/blogs/214210811.html
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